Reading Dreher with Schmemann and MacIntyre (and thus Marx)

Posted March 25, 2017 5:46 pm by Dr. Adam DeVille

After having written something in 2015 about Rod Dreher’s project of marketing MacIntyre’s concluding (and regretted) peroration to After Virtue, I decided to not bother with the “Benedict option” any more pending the release of the book, which is now upon us.In the meantime I had hoped the nascent book might deal with serious issues in a way that Dreher’s journalistic jottings up to 2015 had not manifested–not least in its relentlessly tendentious treatment of one paragraph of MacIntyre while neglecting many more important essays and books of his, not the least of which is Secularization and Moral Change.Dreher did not read Secularization

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