The Antiquity and Universality of Fore-Lent (Part 2)

Posted February 12, 2017 10:38 am by Gregory DiPippo

We continue with part 2 of Henri de Villiers’ examination of the various forms and traditions of the pre-Lenten period. Click here to read part 1.Quinquagesima Week, the fast of Heraclius, Cheesefare WeekIn both East and West, the week immediately before Lent took on a penitential character very early, beginning at first with meat. We must remember that the early Church followed a strictly vegetarian diet for all of Lent. For the week immediately preceding Lent (the Latin Quinquagasime, Tyrophagia in the Byzantine Rite), although meat is taken away, milk products, eggs and other animal products may still be consumed.To

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