“Bless our families, bless our children. Choose from our homes those who are needed for Thy work.”

Posted April 20, 2016 2:30 pm by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

I have lately mused about vocations.  Last Sunday was the Day of Prayer for Vocations.  What I mean by vocations, by the way, is vocations to the priesthood.  Yes, yes… I think about religious life as well.  When I think of vocations, it isn’t generic, including ever sort of possible vocation.  For me: it means priesthood.
Every knows that the plural of anecdote is “data”.   Thus, I am gathering “data” that applications to seminaries are down.   I would appreciate notes from Vocation Directors which I would keep entirely under wraps!
They will up, a few years ago.  They seem to be going

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