INDULGENCE ALERT – Feast of the Sacred Heart

Today, the Feast of the Sacred Heart, the faithful can gain a plenary indulgence by the public recitation of Iesu dulcissime (Act of Reparation) (Ench. Indulg., al. conc., 3). All other recitations gain a partial indulgence.
Priests and Bishops! Have PUBLIC recitation!
Do not be afraid to bend yourself down before God especially and also to the angels and saints our intercessors and patrons and be simply pious.
Man was made to be pious.
This is the essence of religion, without which we are empty shells: to give due reverence to God. The sin of our first parents came from trying to be the opposite of pious: self-sufficient self-gods. That was defiance of due piety.
We can drift into the same emptiness of life by neglect of piety and devotion, neglect of fostering the habits of devotion.